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Special Ticketing Arrangements for Outbound Travel Alert Related Incidents

Last updated: 09 Jun 2015

Ticket eligibility

This special ticketing arrangement is applicable to tickets with the following conditions:

  1. Cathay Pacific tickets (i.e. ticket number starting with “160”) which are purchased directly from Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong or online at or through travel agents in Hong Kong for travel originating from Hong Kong.
    (For tickets purchased outside Hong Kong, please contact your local Cathay Pacific office or travel agent for assistance.)
  2. The ticket has to be issued on or before the Red or Black travel alert issue date and is for travel on Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon flights between the Red or Black travel alert issue date and the following 7 days. (The applicable travel period may be extended depending on the severity and duration of a travel related incident).
  3. These special arrangements do not apply to destinations which already have a Red or Black Travel Alert in force prior to the publishing of this guideline.
  4. The destinationl with a Red or Black Travel Alert has to be either part of your journey itinerary or your final destination. If transportation on other airlines are involved, we may require you to present the conjunction ticket(s) showing the full itinerary of your journey.

Example itinerary:

  1. Hong Kong to Bangkok on Cathay Pacific Airways (transit in Bangkok)
  2. Bangkok to Cairo on other airlines (Cairo as final destination)

Red or Black travel alert is issued for Cairo but no travel alert for Bangkok

For the above example, the special ticketing arrangements are applicable to Cathay Pacific flights between Hong Kong and Bangkok, on condition that you are able to present a ticket valid for travel between Bangkok and Cairo, where Cairo is your final destination.


Identifying the fare type of your air ticket

The special ticketing arrangements that will be applicable to you will depend on the type of air ticket that you have purchased. Your ticket is classified under one of the five fare type categories listed below and you can refer to the “fare type indicator” printed in the Restrictions / Endorsement box of the eTicket Itinerary Receipt. 


Fare type indicator

Fare type


Full normal published fares or ONEWORLD fares


Special published fares or ONEWORLD special fares


Special discounted fares


Non-refundable fares


Group fares
eTicket itinerary


Remarks for Outbound Travel Alert System Special Ticketing Arrangements

  1. To allow you flexibility to adjust your trip, you can decide your preferred new arrangement wihtin one month from the original departure date. Normal terms and conditions of the ticket shall apply after beyond the one-month period.
  2. Cathay Pacific will process your request in accordance with this special ticketing guideline only once. Subsequent changes and amendments to your flight itinerary will be subject to the terms and conditions of the reissued or rebooked ticket.
  3. All entitlements are non-transferrable and are applicable to the ticket holder only.
  4. If the Red or Black travel alert is issued during your journey, Cathay Pacific will assist to change your booking to enable you an earlier return to Hong Kong or delay your return for up to 30 days from the original return date. There will be no handling fees charged by Cathay Pacific but all bookings are subject to seat availability and fare difference if applicable.
  5. If your ticket is purchased from a travel agent, there may be other handling fees imposed by your travel agent. Please contact your appointed travel agent on this.
  6. Depending on the severity and duration of a travel alert related incident, Cathay Pacific will determine the duration of the applicable travel period on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to 60yearsnato.info.hk for the latest applicable destinations and travel period.
  7. In the event of any disputes regarding the terms and conditions of your air ticket, the decision of Cathay Pacific shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.


Contact information

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