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Passports and visas

Make sure you travel with a valid passport and relevant visa so you can have an enjoyable trip.


All passengers, including children and infants under two years of age need their own passport. Your passport must be valid during your travel period. Many countries additionally require that the passport is valid for 3 or 6 months beyond the end of your trip. Processing times for passports vary but many countries offer fast-track applications.

Visit the  website for specific destination requirements on passport validity.

Check in with Passport


You may need a visa in order to enter your chosen destination, depending on:

  • your nationality
  • the purpose of your trip
  • your connecting flights

Visit the website to check whether you need a visa and the relevant fees.

If a visa is required for your trip to a certain country, you can apply directly at a consular office of that country. 

Find updated entry requirements (whether you are travelling to or from a specific country) under our regional sections.