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Corporate Travel Solutions

As the two leading airlines in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have the experience and expertise to support the business travel needs of your company.

Corporate Travel Solutions
Corporate Travel Solutions is a frequent travel programme that helps your company make the most out of its busy travel schedule.

Book 24 hours a day via our user-friendly online solutions! If your company spends TWD400,000 or more on air travel annually, you can find out more about our Corporate Online Programme.


Companies that spend a minimum of TWD400,000 per annum on air travel to Hong Kong and beyond, are eligible to join. Each company must have a minimum of three employees flying annually, to Hong Kong and beyond.

1. Highly competitive Business, Premium Economy (on applicable routes) & Economy Class fares to Hong Kong and beyond;
2. Complimentary Marco Polo Club membership (Green Card);
3. Ability to book and manage travel on-line.

Getting Started
Companies are required to complete a registration form, which will be evaluated by Cathay Pacific Airways. Once successfully registered, companies will be notified via email and will be assigned a unique ID & password. The ID will enable a company's employees to become registered users of Cathay Pacific Corporate Travel Solutions. Membership is free, join now!

Corporate Reward Programme
If your company spends TWD600,000 or more on air travel annually, you can click here to get more details on our Corporate Reward Programme.

If you have other questions on Corporate Travel Solutions, please contact us.


Customised Travel Solutions
If your annual travel spending on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon is TWD6,000,000 or more, we also have Customised Travel Solutions available for you. To help us understand your company’s unique business needs, please provide your travel information .