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Special ticketing guidelines for Tropical Cyclone Mawar

Laatste wijziging: 01 Sep 2017

Due to Tropical Cyclone Mawar, with immediate effect, rebooking and rerouting charges will be waived for all tickets issued worldwide (irrespective of fare type) on/before 1 September 2017 for travel with CX/KA confirmed booking arriving to and departing from Hong Kong on 3 September 2017.

Details as follows:

  1. Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon tickets
    1. Cancellation and refund
      No waiver on cancellation, and refund charges.

    2. Rebooking and rerouting
      Rebooking /rerouting charges will be waived on condition that:
      Such requests are made on/before 3 September 2017 and before departure, for travel with CX/KA confirmed booking arriving to and departing from Hong Kong on 3 September 2017. 
      No-show passengers are not eligible for the waiver.

      Revised (NEW) travel date must be on/before 15 September 2017 and subject to flight availability. In which case, the ticket expiry date will be adjusted accordingly.

      The newly rebooked sector must observe and conform to the conditions of the respective fare rule, e.g. black out dates, flight application, weekend/weekday travel, stopover charges, and applicable seasonality by collecting additional/refunding difference (if any) as appropriate.

      Re-issuance charges will only be waived due to the expiry of the original ticket.

      Rerouting to/from/via Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon online destinations.

    3. Endorsement
      Condition of the respective fare rules applies.
      Note : For flight that has been cancelled and/or confirmed to be cancelled, please handle as involuntary changes.

    4. Group/YIT
      Please refers to local sales office.

2. For oneWorld carriers tickets

The latest version of oneWorld customer disruption management applies.

3. Other carriers tickets

Passenger Air Tarff general condition applies

4. FFP Tickets

Please refer to the related special guidelines under CX.com travel advisories or Asia Miles latest news section or contact the Marco Polo Club at (852) 27475500/ Asia Mile Service Centre (852) 27473838.

5. Asia Miles airline award tickets

For further details:

  • Please regularly check the .
  • You can also contact The Marco Polo Club at (+852) 2747 5500 or Asia Miles Service Hotline at (+852) 2747 3838.
  • For further details, please refer to Asia Miles Terms and Conditions at Asia Miles Airline Award Redemption – .