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Using Mobile Boarding Pass is easy

Send Mobile Boarding Pass after checking in online or mobile

Send Mobile Boarding Pass after checking in online or mobile:

Click the “Boarding Pass” button on the Check-in Confirmation page. Then, enter your mobile number and/or email address to receive your Mobile Boarding Pass after clicking “Confirm and Send” button.

Retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass


Retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass

You will receive a text message (SMS) on your mobile device and/or email. Once you receive it, click the link to retrieve your Boarding Pass IMMEDIATELY. This is an important action to confirm your travel and update your check-in record.

Note: If you wait and do not click at the link until you arrive late at the airport, the link may not be able to display the Mobile Boarding Pass on your device. You will then need to approach our check-in counters for assistance in this case.

At the Airport

At the Airport

If you have baggage to check in, show your Mobile Boarding Pass and drop bags at the check-in counter.
If you do not have baggage to check in, you can proceed directly to the airport security points and immigration.

At Airport Security and Immigration

At Airport Security and Immigration

Ensure your Mobile Boarding Pass is displayed on your mobile device and presents it at the security check-points and immigration.

To check the latest flight departure time and the boarding gate number assigned for your flight, simply press the refresh button at the top right-hand corner of your Mobile Boarding Pass in display online (as a mobile web page) on your mobile device.

Passengers departing from Singapore will be issued a receipt by the Singapore airport police prior to immigration. Passengers will be required to retain the receipt until they board the aircraft.

At the Boarding Gate


At the Boarding Gate

Display your Mobile Boarding Pass at the gate to scan and board the flight directly. Present it to the cabin crew when boarding the flight.

Be sure to arrive at Boarding Gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time to avoid unnecessary delays. Late passengers may not be accepted and boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure.



For your convenience with the Mobile Boarding Pass, we have the following recommendations:


1. Always capture a screenshot with barcode and flight details in advance if your device supports such function. In case of technical problems such as losing internet connection, charge for roaming data, losing text message / Email, you can still retrieve it offline.


2. Always display your Mobile Boarding Pass on your own mobile device only at the airport if you are travelling in a family, as some airports may not accept multiple boarding passes displayed on one device. If one of your companions does not have any mobile devices, they are encouraged to print the Self Print Boarding Pass as an alternative.


3. For passengers arriving in Hong Kong with an onward connection to other destinations, please keep the SMS or email of the connecting flights. With free WiFi service at Hong Kong International Airport, you can retrieve your Mobile Boarding Pass and proceed to the security check point at the transit area and the Departure Hall on Level 6. If you cannot retrieve your Mobile Boarding Pass, please proceed to the transit desk to collect your boarding pass.


4. Disable the auto-rotate feature of your device to prevent the image from turning into landscape view and thus distorting the scanning by the scanner at some airports (e.g. for the Hong Kong International Airport, your device must face down for scanning at boarding gate).


5. Hold your device still and properly for a few seconds when scanning the barcode at the airport.


6. Your device must have internet browsing capability with enough battery power until you have boarded the flight at the airport, and that your mobile service provider does not block images download to your device.


7. Some corporate Blackberry Enterprise devices may default to use a Blackberry browser which blocks the mobile page. Please make sure you have configured to use the WAP/Internet browser in order to view the Mobile Boarding Pass page. If problem still persists, we recommend you to check with your mobile phone provider.


8. Any printed hardcopy of Mobile Boarding Pass is NOT a valid format of Boarding Pass. Please make sure you display it on your device electronically.