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Important notice to passengers flying from Haneda

Dernière mise à jour: 21 Feb 2018 10:15 HKT (GMT+8)

Passengers flying KA391 (CX5391) and KA397 (CX5397) are kindly advised to read the following important notice.

<Flight schedule>

From 1Mar18 – 24Mar18

·        KA391(CX5391)

From Tokyo (Haneda) to Hong Kong   Departure 06:25 - Arrival10:35

From 25Mar18 -

·        KA397(CX5397)

From Tokyo (Haneda) to Hong Kong   Departure 06:35 - Arrival10:40

Note 1: All times local. Flight number and schedule may change without prior notice.
Note 2: Flight arrival/departure time and flight number will be changed from 25Mar18.

According to the flight schedule above, check-in counter closing time for check-in and baggage drop is shown as below;

·        Counter closing time for KA391 - 05:45

·        Counter closing time for KA397 - 05:55

1.Local transportation

For passengers who are considering to take local train or monorail to come to the Haneda airport, please be aware that passengers for KA391 (CX5391)/KA397 (CX5397) are pressed for time for checking-in and baggage drop after the first train or monorail in the morning arrive at Haneda airport, and it may cause counter congestion around counter closing time.
To avoid late check-in and missing flight, passengers are recommended to consider other transportation to the airport, including below;

<Airport bus>
Buses bound for Haneda airport which arrive around 04:30am are available from various cities. To get more information about the buses, please visit each bus company website.

  • Limousine bus
  • Tokyu bus (Japanese only)
  • Keihin-kyuko-bus

<Fixed-rate taxi>
Fixed-rate taxi is also available from various place in Tokyo. The rate and service area varies depending on companies, please check each taxi company websites.

  • Nihon Kotsu
  • MK taxi
  • Musen taxi (Japanese only)
  • Keikyu taxi group
  • Hinomaru Kotsu
  • Odakyu Kotsu (Japanese only)
  • Eco-taxi (Japanese only)

2.Online check-in

To save time, passengers flying KA391 (CX5391)/KA397 (CX5397) are strongly recommended to complete online check-in via our website or mobile app.

For online check-in via our website, please visit here. The service is available from 48 hours to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.

For those who already hold mobile or self-printed boarding pass and do not have any check-in baggage can proceed to security check and immigration without queueing up for check-in counter. Please be at your boarding gate at the boarding start time shown on your boarding pass.

3.Lounge information

The lounge for passengers flying KA391 (CX5391)/KA397 (CX5397) will be TIAT LOUNGE (International Departures Area 4F Lounges (Central), and not Cathay Pacific Lounge).

For more details about TIAT lounge, please visit here;