Lessons Learned Log in Project Management Practices

Lessons Learned Log is a popular practice in classic project management. PMI’s PMP includes Lessons Learned Log as the official topic of its project manager certification exam. In real life, project managers use this log to record important lessons learned from project work.

Many organizations, to improve their services or products, have chosen tools that give them a competitive advantage or that allow them to carry out their processes more efficiently.

One of the tools that have become important in organizations is the registration of lessons learned, the benefit of learning from experience, which allows the creation of new useful knowledge in new methods or processes.

Due to the current situation in the organization, I propose to develop and implement a methodology, including the identification of experts in organizational processes; designing a structure that facilitates the capture of lessons learned and good practices; and implementing the designed structure in the employees of the organization. Reference: “Lessons Learned Log in project management“, https://www.dobrojutro.net/lessons-learned-log-in-project-management/

Many organizations have chosen tools that offer them a competitive advantage or allow them to run their processes more efficiently to improve their services or products. Given the need for improvements that organizations have, the purpose of this paper is to propose a strategy that facilitates the capture of lessons learned and good practices, especially in a company like ours for software development.

The diary and documentation for lessons learned to allow you to visualize past mistakes and improve future work. Learning from previous projects helps reduce risks, avoid problems already identified and reuse good practices to reduce the number of failed projects.

Lessons learned can be defined as the knowledge gained for a process or one or more experiences, through reflection and critical analysis of the results and critical factors or conditions that may have influenced or hindered its success. Reference: “Lessons Learned Log Example in Project Management”, https://www.polyscm.com/lessons-learned-example-in-project-management/

What are the lessons from a given project? They are the knowledge gained through reflection or reflection on experience or experience in a project. These experiences or processes can be positive or negative.

Lessons learned are the knowledge gained from the project process

Lessons learned are the knowledge gained from the project process. This includes the pros and cons. The idea is to repeat the positive aspects and not to repeat the mistakes. Lesson diaries are written documents that can take many forms. They can be adapted to the context of our improvement project. At a minimum, they should include the following information:

Project name and basic contact details
Short description of the project, More project management articles here…
The subject or topic to which the lesson relates. This should be in the form of a title, such as building willpower, creating a team, collecting data, and maintaining momentum.
A clear lesson plan
Summary of how the lesson is learned
The benefits of using the lesson and suggestions on how it can be used.

Lessons Learned Log is used to capture and share knowledge

Lessons learned and diaries are used to capture and share knowledge about what worked well and what could be done differently during the planning, management, and implementation of an improvement project. They help others learn from the experience of the project team.

Lesson diaries should include:

  • Help support a culture of learning
  • Help teams avoid common pitfalls that others have experienced
  • Increase your understanding of the problems that may arise and how they can be addressed
  • Give ideas on how the approach can be improved next time
  • Help identify good practices so that this can be repeated
  • Help teams avoid “wheel rediscovery”

All members of the project team want to contribute to the diary of lessons learned, and the diary should be kept by me for improvement or another named contact. Reference: “https://www.mu7club.com/”  The log will be available to others in the organization so that it can be used as a planning tool for future projects and so that the same mistakes can be avoided:

Document the problems with the opportunities, problems, and solutions encountered during the project. They are often raised in team meetings
Use the log to document events when they occur. The diary needs to be updated frequently to ensure that problems or issues are captured accurately and the project team can make changes as soon as possible after the training. Reference: Project Management section on Customer Service US website

Fill in the log with the information gathered from each review meeting that takes place when the project is closed

Learning written in your lesson diary can be useful for embedding in a case study.

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