What is it like to be a Scrum Master?

The role of the Scrum Master is very popular in software development today and many professionals in the IT industry focus their effort and attention on becoming a Scrum Master.

Why do you want to be a Scrum Master?

This question is answered by our audience, which includes beginner Scrum Master specialists enrolled in the Scrum Master course at PGOVorg.

The idea to specialize as a Scrum Master originated in 2018 after I moved from a large company with very strict processes and dozens of Development teams to a startup of 7 people.

As we are building a complex platform, during the first month I noticed how unorganized, messy, and not adaptive the work is between the product owner and the development team. So I decided to apply principles and a structure based on the Scrum Framework to optimize processes and help implement the given artifacts.

What do you expect to be a Scrum Master?

The main expectations from taking a position as Scrum Master are mainly related to the principles of the framework. Since the Scrum Master owns the process, I will make sure that the teams monitor the Scrum processes and also work with them to improve them continuously. This also applies to meetings such as the Daily Scrum, where I have to guide the team to meet the meeting time and not lose focus. Reference: Daily Scrum meeting: problems, questions and answers, bpedia.org And this often happens, especially in a startup environment. All this is in order to optimize the time, teamwork and processes in order to create the best possible increment based on the tasks.

What are the things that bother you the most at this stage?

Change takes time. I have repeatedly witnessed leaders who try to implement a specific framework or agile processes, but there is a lot of resistance from the team itself, as they are already used to their process and do not want to adapt. This is one of the things that every Scrum Master worries or finds difficult to implement the framework successfully so that all those involved can understand and practice it successfully.

What problems do you think you will have in your work?

In a startup environment, it often happens that each team member wears several “hats”. In the rush to create an end product for your first customers, you often forget about process optimization and structure work. Simply because one person is responsible not only for gathering information and prioritizing the Product Backlog but sometimes for performing some of the tasks. This makes it difficult to implement the Scrum framework, where each role performs specific things. This is one of the problems that Scrum Master would face at work.

Other problems that may arise are related to the management of role expectations and last-minute urgent changes during Scrum. It often happens that the director suddenly comes up with a very important idea that comes from our first clients and is set as the number one priority in order to win short-term victories. This ignores the Scrum Framework and violates the observed timeboxed events.

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